Best Affordable Active Wear

Best Affordable Active Wear

There is no denying that a cool outfit is often all the motivation you need to hit the gym or spin class but your wallet should not get a better workout than you get. That might sound funny but it’s the truth.

You sweating harder at the cash register than you are at the gym simply shows that the active wears you are about to buy are quite expensive.

Of course, you don’t want to cut corners when it comes to your gym gears – as they should be able to withstand sweating, stretching and perform the necessary functions – but do they really have to be expensive?

Hop in as we take a ride through some cost-efficient fitness clothing brands.


Target offers fashionable active wear at a really affordable price. They have a wide range of exercise apparel to choose from and at reasonable prices too. Target gives you the opportunity to choose from supportive sports bras, moisture-wicking tops to trendy leggings for 20 USD or less. There is no doubt that their active wears are cost-efficient and trendy. If you are not very picky about your athletic shoes, you could get an affordable selection of sneakers starting at around $30. Most fitness wears at Target are about $30 or less so, if you’re looking to rebuild your entire workout wardrobe, you should start here.

Old Navy

This is the ultimate destination for inexpensive workout clothing. They have such a wide range of options to match the taste of virtually every athlete. Well, they are good with foot wares but they are not just for sweat-friendly footwear. Their active wear collections are known to withstand the hardest of workouts. Besides being inexpensive, the active wears are comfortable, supportive, and fashionable. Also, their selection of plus-size workout apparel is one of the best around.

J. Maxx

T.J Maxx may not be a very popular brand but trust me, you would get obsessed once you start shopping here. They give you the opportunity to purchase gym wears that are both functional and fashionable at a lesser price compared to high-end brands. I am positive you would find something you love at T. J. Maxx. You should give it a try.


Although they are quite new in the race, they are known for selling quality fitness clothing and at reasonable prices too. You do not have to worry about breaking the bank as these active wears are inexpensive and are sure to make you look cool at the gym. H&M has a variety of colors, lengths, sizes, and prices to meet the needs of virtually every athlete or gym goer.

The Gap

You may have some basics like jeans or t-shirts from the Gap but you can also try out their wide range of fitness clothing. The active wears at the Gap are not just functional, they are fashionable too. If you are in search of gym wears that are comfortable, durable, and practical, then this is the place for you. Gap covers the gap!

Forever 21

This is the perfect shop for those in search of inexpensive trendy gym wears that are capable of performing the necessary functions. Here, you get to choose from a variety of designs, sizes, colors, and patterns. You do not have to worry about being sweaty in these active wears as they possess the technology to dry moisture as quickly as it is formed.


Kohl is yet another great choice of fitness clothing brand to get inexpensive trendy exercise apparel that performs the desired functions. Kohl gives you the opportunity to choose from the different selections (wicking tees to sports bras and everything between) and they all come at affordable prices.


Okay, Fabletics is a great option for everyone – whether you are on a budget on you have a little cash to throw around. This brand has a wide selection of fitness clothing under its belt – consisting of different colors, designs, partners, sizes, and lengths. You can choose from the yoga-ready leggings, crop tops, sleeve shirts and a whole lot more of fitness wears, making it the perfect brand to purchase active wears for any type of workout.

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