Top 5 Materials for Exercise Apparel

Top 5 Materials for Exercise Apparel

Choosing a gym wear goes beyond picking a style in trend or a shirt that makes you look cool. You have to pay attention to certain details such as the material from which the active wear is made, its wicking ability, the weather condition, the size of the gym clothing, how comfortable you feel in the exercise apparel, and the tech employed in the active wear.

Although all of these conditions are important, the material of the fabric is of utmost importance. You do not want to be in any exercise apparel made from cotton on a sunny day. Why? It is because cotton materials possess the ability to trap moisture, causing a great amount of discomfort throughout your workout session.

Polyester materials, on the other hand, are breathable thus allowing the moisture to escape as quickly as they are formed.

Now, you see that it isn’t just about fashion and how cool the fitness clothing looks; you have to pay attention to little details that are capable of either ruining your gym session or boosting your overall performance.

With that said, let’s take a look at some popular materials from which most exercise apparels are made.


Bamboo is a good choice of material for exercise apparel. This natural fabric does not just wick away moisture as quickly as it is formed, it is also light-weight and breathable. The best combination for fitness clothing. Bamboo materials are incredibly soft to touch – giving you a comfy feel irrespective of the intensity of the exercise – and offer a certain amount of protection against harmful rays from the sun (ultraviolet rays).


True, we all love the cotton material – it is cool, soft to touch, and breathable – but that doesn’t override the fact that exercise apparel made from this natural fiber possesses the ability to hold moisture. Consequently increasing the weight and causing discomfort during your workout sessions. To curb this drawback, advanced technology such as Dri-fit technology is incorporated into most fitness clothing made from cotton material. So, if you are one of the millions out there who love cotton material, be sure to check for the technology it is blended with before buying it for your workout sessions unless you do not plan to sweat.


Wool is a great choice of material for exercise apparel. It possesses the ability to regulate your body temperature as the weather condition changes – It keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer. Gym wears made of wool are capable of wicking away moisture; hence, you do not have to worry of sweaty smell, increased weight and other discomforts that are seen in fitness clothing that holds moisture.


If fitness clothing is a sport, polyester material would be the most valuable player (MVP). It takes the lead when it comes to the best materials for exercise apparel. Gym wears made from polyester material are durable (they maintain their shape and quality for a long period of time), lightweight, breathable, and wrinkle-resistant. They also possess the ability to evaporate moisture as quickly as they are formed and protect you from ultraviolet rays. It is a perfect choice of material for fitness clothing as it has the ability to regulate temperature – keeps you warm in cold weather like winter and cool in warm weather condition.


Spandex commonly known as Lycra (its most used brand) is known for its ability to regain its initial size irrespective of the length it is stretched to (think of it as the stretch man). While this is a good attribute, it also makes it impossible to find a gym wear made of 100% spandex as that would be like wearing a rubber band. Like polyester material, it is durable, breathable, and wicks away moisture as quickly as they are formed. No wonder it is the go-to choice for fitness clothing for most athletes.

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