To 5 Best Reviewed Fitness Clothing Brands

To 5 Best Reviewed Fitness Clothing Brands


Gone are the days when you pick up any jeans and shirt you can reach and hop in your car, heading to the gym. Now, we have come to learn that our gym apparel has a marked effect on our performances.

However, it is also important to note that not all self-proclaimed gym clothing is actually good for your workout session. Therefore, it is important to choose the right active wear that would motivate you to do more and increase your performance in general.

With lots of brands out there, how do I know the best brand to purchase my fitness clothing from?

Well, you can sip a cup of coffee as I take you through different brands that are known for selling the best fitness clothing.

But before then, let’s take a look at the necessary things you should look out for while choosing a gym wear.

Shall we!

Things to Consider While Choosing Fitness Clothing

Choosing the right clothing for your gym sections goes beyond picking just about any fitness wear. The perfect fitness clothing must fulfill these criteria. Be sure to look at for these few points before paying for that active wear.

  • The Clothing Material: It is important to check for the clothing material before purchasing them. And this is where the weather condition comes into play. Of course, you would always sweat during a workout session but you tend to sweat more in summer compared to winter. Therefore, it is advisable you check the material of the active wear in relation to the weather. I would recommend fitness clothing made of polyester as they are capable of keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter.
  • Advanced Protection: An ideal gym wear must have some advanced protection options such as protection from UV rays and anti-microbial effect to fight odors. Some brands may have additional safety option but these two options are of utmost importance. Be sure your fitness clothing is not just fashionable; they should perform the necessary functions too.
  • Your Perfect Size: Comfort sits at the top of the list of the things you should consider before buying an active wear. What is the need of looking plush when you are uncomfortable in the cloth? How do you perform well in your gym session when the gym apparel is either too baggy or too tight? You should always go for your perfect size. Ignore the alluring undersized pants and pick something you can exercise comfortably in.
  • Its Ability to Handle Moisture: Sweating is almost inevitable during workout sessions. Thankfully, there are gym apparels that are equipped with the ability to handle moisture. They dry as quickly as your skin cells produce sweat so that your gym wear doesn’t absorb the sweat, making it possible to stay clean and dry and not all wet and smelling.

Okay, with that said, here is an unbiased review of the top 5 best fitness clothing brand.


Nike is undoubtedly one of the best fitness clothing brands out there. Although they prefer to keep their designs simple, you still get to look sleek and athletic in the gym wears. They also incorporate advanced technology into their gym apparels. So, do not allow the simple design fool you, this is a good place to go for your active wears irrespective of the type or design. Nike has got you covered!


This is a sure bet for athletes who love the high, ‘shouty’ designs. The brand has a wide range of fitness clothing under their umbrella to cater to the need of every athlete – male or female. They found a way to incorporate function into their fashionable gym clothing. This fitness clothing brand offers one of the best moisture handling technology in their active wear. They have it all! Fashion meets function!


Rebook is yet another amazing fitness clothing brand. Although it is yet to regain the popularity it had in the 80s, it is still a good option for athletes who are looking to get track and field equipment.


Of course, Adidas! Our list of the best fitness clothing brands would be incomplete without listing this award-winning fitness clothing brand. The company is known especially for soccer wears but it also produces good fitness clothing that is a sure bet for any workout session. You should give it a try!


I would say I saved the best for the last but they (the listed fitness clothing brands, of course) have all got something unique that makes them stand out in the crowd and UnderArmour is not left out. This is arguably one of the best fitness clothing brands in the world. Their collection spans across a wide range of designs and apparels, making this the best place to shop for just about any sporting activity – and gym sessions too! What’s more? They equip their active wears with modern technologies that make you comfortable in whatever clothing you wear.

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