Dos and Don’ts of Active Wear

Dos and Don’ts of Active Wear


Although most athletes pay less attention to what they wear to the gym, it is actually of great importance as the active wear you put on goes a long affecting your performance at the gym.

Imagine performing high intensity workout in clothes that are not breathable, that would make you uncomfortable, thus, reducing your performance rate drastically.

These days, the gym is a place where you see all sorts of dressing. The gym is not a fashion show. Leave your heels and skirts at home.

Why wear something you are not comfortable in? How do you bring your a-game while dragging down shorts or sweating heavily in cotton clothes?

Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying you should wear outdated clothes because you are heading to the gym. Sure, you can be fashionable but your gym wear must not be just fashionable. It has to perform some functions too. Let fashion meet function!

With that said, let’s take a look at some Dos and Don’ts involved when it comes to choosing gym apparel.

The Dos of Gym Wears

  • Ladies should always put on headbands. It is annoying and generally discomforting having your hair in your face while working out. Stopping your hair from falling to your face with your hands doesn’t cut it. Say, you are jogging certain meters, how helpful would your hands be in preventing your hair from falling to your face? It gets uncomfortable and annoying at some point. Consequently, reducing your pace and your performance rate in general.
  • It is very much okay to show off the abs and this rule isn’t exclusively for men. Women can show off the result of their workout too. In fact, women SHOULD show off the result of their workout. Instead of your everyday tops, you can wear a sport bra or crop top. This actually spans across two rules. Yes, it doesn’t just show the result of your workout, it also allows your body to breathe. What’s more? They are sleeveless. Indeed it is the perfect gym clothing for just about lady!
  • For ladies, it is advisable to go for leggings instead of shorts. Not only is this fashionable and perfect for showing off your thin legs, which is one of the results of your workout but it also neither too tight nor too loose. It is your body’s perfect fit as such it eliminates the discomfort you would feel in a baggy or tight short or jeans.
  • As incredible as this may sound, a new pair of trainers is a good motivation to increase your performance during your workout section. Kick the normal shoes off; get some new trainers just for the gym.

The Don’ts of Gym Wears

  • Sleeves are a no-go when it comes to choosing fitness wears. Exercising increases your metabolic rate which makes you sweat more than you would while relaxing. Sweating profusely causes discomfort, which is why athletes are advised to wear breathable clothes. Your skin needs to breathe and sleeves do not encourage this in any way. Stay away from sleeves!
  • Do not use your normal shoes. Get a trainer for your gym sessions. Get motivated!
  • Do not come to the gym with a face full of makeup. How do you intend to workout with that? Remember you will be involved in different exercises, which makes sweating almost inevitable. This is the reason athletes are advised to wear breathable clothes and a heavy makeup is another way to block your skin pores. Why come with a face padded with heavy makeup when you are just going to sweat it out? Coming with no makeup is advisable but if you must apply makeup at all, it should be just a little touch instead of a complete makeover. It is the gym, not a fashion house!
  • Do not wear tight or loose clothes. This will cause discomfort, thus, reducing your performance rate.
  • As I mentioned earlier, the gym is not a fashion show. Your wristwatch and jewelry will only cause discomfort while working out. Why bring them with you?


I guess you will agree now that what you wear to the gym is just as important as the workout session. With these few Dos and Don’ts, I am sure you will choose the right gym apparel for your next session. Let fashion meet function. Stay fit!

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