Top 10 Well Worth It Gym Wear Brands

Top 10 Well Worth It Gym Wear Brands


It’s no news that the active wear you put on during a workout has a tremendous effect on your overall performance.

However, it is not all expensive fitness clothing that is actually performing the necessary function.

Here are the fitness clothing brands that check every box, and suits perfectly into every budget.


Nike is a well-known fitness clothing brand with a wide range of fitness clothing under its belt. This brand has a stock of fitness wear (whether you are looking for a tank, tennis skirt, swimsuit, hoodie or the like,) of different patterns, sizes, and materials to cater to the need of just about any athlete out there.

From outdoor running to yoga classes, Nike’s innovation-focused workout clothes have you covered!

Under Armour

Under Armour is no longer just about undershirts; the company now produce stylish clothes with the function of HeatGear® and ColdGear® for athletes like me who love to take our workout clothes from the gym to the street. This fitness clothing brand understands just what it means for fashionable athletic clothing to perform the necessary functions. You should check out their pulled-together looks and accessories by activity that makes it easy to stay on trend on the treadmill or Tabata training.


The beautiful thing about this brand is that it does not make just performance-based fitness clothing; it finds a way to mix function with fashion.

So, if you are looking at anything from simple stylish leggings to a glittering gold-logo sweatshirt, Adidas is the right place to look.

This pocket-friendly brand partners with designers like Stella McCartney and celebs to create outfits for the fashionista in every athlete.

Sweaty Betty

Sweaty Betty is a London-based brand that focuses on producing fitness clothing with a mix of fit, quality fabric, and fashion trend so that you look and feel great while you sweat it. Although the gym wear is quite expensive, you are sure to get features that you cannot find in other brands. From asymmetric mesh panels and brave to bold patterns and the gears are available in all sizes.

Alo Yoga

This fitness brand understands just how to blend fashion into mindful, movement-inspired yoga pieces. Of course, yogis want to look good too!

The athletic gears are made to lift, shape, and compress the body both on and off the mat. Well, be ready to spend those cash!


Reebok is a renowned fitness clothing brand that is focused on pushing the human body to its limits. They incorporate function into every athletic gear – whether pants, sports bra, tops- while keeping them fashionable as well.

New Balance

You’re thinking shoes, right? Yes, but there’s do much more to New Balance than footwear. This one-stop shop is focused on helping athletes at all levels to perform their best. What’s more? The fitness gears are moderately priced. Yes!

P.S: J Crew collaborated on many pieces to infuse fashion into function in the most delightful way.


This is yet another well-worth-it gym wear brand available on the planet. Onzie is focused on producing stylish yoga wear that flatters as they function.

This brand incorporates a free-flow technology into their fitness clothing that is sure to keep you cool irrespective of the workout you choose.

For their stylish wears, sexy cut-outs, and in-your-face prints, I guess the prices are moderately tailored.


If functionality is all you crave for, then Asics is definitely your go-to fitness clothing brand. The brand produces a wide range of gym wears – from socks, capris, tanks, gloves to shoes- to cater to the need of every athlete or gym goer.

What’s good? They believe that you do not have to break your bank account to get a stylish gym wear that serves the necessary functions. So, do not be afraid of a heart attack!

Lucy Activewear

This brand prides itself on fitting bodies that like to move as one with the owner. Whether you’ve fallen in love with yoga or running, Lucy has something for you – extended sizes too. The active wears under this brand are moderately priced and available in both cheeky, bold styles and everyday neutral color palettes.

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