How What You Wear During Exercise Inspires Performance

How What You Wear During Exercise Inspires Performance


True, at some point, we have mocked our friends who spend tons of dollars on fitness clothing – like why spend so much? You are going to sweat it after all.

Well, it turns out they are putting their money in the right place as research has shown that the active wear you use during exercises plays a huge role in your total performance.

How? Hang on, we will get to that!

The phrase – dress for success, which is interpreted to mean – your dressing affects your confidence level and overall success in your respective field or tasks has grown beyond the corporate world and found its bearing in the world of fitness too.

Over the years, efforts have been made in the technical and medical field to improve the quality of fitness clothing and today the world of fitness is a whole new ballgame from what it used to be decades ago (when you put on any sweatshirt and short for your gym sessions).

Now, athletes are provided with the opportunity to choose from a wide range of fitness clothing (padded shorts, heat regulation clothing, yoga pants, tank tops, compression clothing, tights, etc.) that are sure to boost their confidence, protect and prevent them from being injured, improve their freedom of movement, and help them recover after exercises consequently, boosting their overall performance.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways fitness clothing impact on an athlete’s performance.

Dri-Fit Technology

Sweating during workout is inevitable. Your metabolic rate increases thus, producing more heat than usual. When the heat produced gets retained in the body, it causes an increase in your tissue temperature, which ultimately leads to heatstroke, physical stress, and strength loss.

To combat this challenge, the dri-fit technology has been incorporated into some fitness clothing known as heat regulation clothing.

As the name implies, these clothing allows your skin to breathe thus evaporating the heat as soon as it is produced.

With the heat regulation fitness clothing, athletes get to perform better without the discomfort and strength loss that comes with heat retention in the body.

Improved Blood Circulation

Athletes are usually involved in activities that require rapid body movement and this is made possible by proper blood circulation. Without a proper blood flow to the muscles, athletes are bound to suffer from oxygen debt, muscle vibration, swollen veins, among others, which are known to reduce your endurance level and performance in general.

Thankfully, a set of fitness clothing known as compression clothing, which is usually made of Lycra or spandex, has been made to help improve blood circulation of athletes during workout.

The compression clothing helps to compress the soft tissues in the arms and legs, thus increasing blood flow to the muscles.

This fitness clothing has been shown to not just improve blood circulation but lower blood lactate levels, prevent or reduce swollen veins, increase the speed of muscle recovery, decrease muscle vibration, increase endurance, lower risks of injury, and ultimately increase your performance.

Reduce Drag While Swimming

Ever wondered why swimmers and skaters go through the trouble of forcing themselves into an airtight bodysuit? Well, while swimming, athletes have to move against a certain force to propel themselves forward. This force, known as drag, has been shown to be effectively reduced by a set of fitness clothing called drag reducing bodysuits (the airtight bodysuits).

The technology incorporated into these bodysuits helps increase the performance of athletes by reducing the force they have to move against in the pool. Research shows that athletes on these bodysuits tend to perform better than those without the bodysuits. I guess it is worth the troubles after all.


These are a few ways different fitness clothing helps to improve the performance of an athlete. Leggings have also been proven to aid free movement in female athletes as they are neither too baggy nor too tight. This goes to prove that the active wear you put on during workout, have a tremendous effect on your performance. So, be sure to dress for success on your next gym session. Stay fit!

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